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J Clamp - Moderate to Heavy Incontinence in Men

Male Urine Guard

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This J Clamp is a male incontinence control device that eliminates leaking by compressing the urethra. This is achieved by an adjustable barrel that applies pressure to the underside of the penis. The barrel compresses the penis against a frame that fits around the sides and top of the penis. The amount of pressure that is applied to the barrel is controlled by an adjustable handle that is attached to the axle that travels through the barrel and the frame. The upper portion of the device is contoured to allow vascularity of the penis.

This device is very comfortable and easy to use. It can adjust to various sizes. It is a small device which provides more overall comfort.The device is positioned on the shaft of the penis next to the head. The handle should be placed on the right side. It can be left in position while urinating. Urination is achieved by releasing pressure with the handle.

This device is made of plastic, stainless steel and rubber. The frame is made of plastic with a rubber lining for comfort. The barrel is made of plastic with a rubber covering. The handle and axle are made of stainless steel. The device can easily be cleaned with soap and water.

With the J Clamp you can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle. Whether it be golfing, riding bikes or even swimming it is safe and comfortable to wear the clamp and enjoy the things you love.

J Clamp Features J Clamp Other Clamps
Can be worn during any activity (swimming, running, etc...) Yes No
Will not cause deformation or discoloration Yes No
Compact in size (Only 2" wide) Yes No
Does not have to be removed to urinate Yes No
Clamp can easily fit through pants zipper opening, no need to pull pants down Yes No
Has an easily adjusted handle (stand and use the wall urinal) Yes No
Compresses the urethra without compressing the whole penis Yes No
Easy to clean (Just wash, blow dry and put back in place immediately) Yes No
The inventor wears the J Clamp 20+ hours a day Yes No
Very comfortable Yes No
Designed to protect the blood vessels that supply the penis Yes No
Has 5 adjustable sizes and will fit a penis circumference of 2 to 4.5 inches Yes No
The J Clamp is extremely light weight. It weighs only 1/16th of a pound or 26 grams. Yes No
The J Clamp was invented by Dr. Terry Jackson who wears the clamp daily. This is the reason that it is comfortable, compact in size and designed to be worn without affecting any part of your normal daily life. There truly is no other solution that is as well thought out for excessive male urinary incontinence management. J Clamp Specifications

Instructions For J Clamp Use

  1. Make sure that the convex in the center of the barrel is aligned correctly on the urethra as shown in the figures below.
  2. Test for the correct pressure. The best way to ensure proper alignment and pressure is to test your ability to urinate. If you have installed the J Clamp correctly you will not be able to urinate when you try. This is the most effective way to determine which notch works best for you.
  3. Make sure you are urinating frequently to release built up pressure. Waiting too long to urinate can cause a burning sensation.

J Clamp instructions for penile compression clamp

The unique design of this clamp has a concavity in the upper portion of the frame which allows space for the blood flow while the clamp is being worn.

Penile incontinence clamp indications.

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Male Incontinence Solutions

If you are suffering from male incontinence due to prostate cancer, disease, head or spinal cord injury then the J Clamp may be the perfect solution for you. If you want to continue your active lifestyle of swimming, running, golfing, biking or any other sport, then give the J Clamp a try to control urinary leaking and loss of bladder control.

If you suffer from light to moderate incontinence and have grown tired of the cost and lack of sanitation from diapers and pads, then the Male Urine Guard is a sanitary, affordable alternative.
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