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Male Incontinence Facts & Questions

What are the different types of urinary incontinence?

  • Stress incontinence happens when you sneeze, cough, laugh, lift objects, or do something that puts stress or strain on your bladder and you leak urine.

  • Urge incontinence is an urge to urinate that’s so strong that you can't make it to the toilet in time. It also happens when your bladder squeezes when it shouldn't. This can happen even when you have only a small amount of urine in your bladder. Overactive bladder is a kind of urge incontinence. But not everyone with an overactive bladder leaks urine.

  • Overflow incontinence happens when your bladder doesn't empty as it should and then leaks urine later. This happens when bladder muscles are weak or the urethra gets blocked. These blockages can be related to an enlarged prostate or a narrow urethra.

  • Total incontinence happens when you are always leaking urine. It happens when the sphincter muscle no longer works.

  • Functional incontinence is rare. It happens when you can't make it to the bathroom in time to urinate. This is usually because something got in your way or you were not able to walk there on your own.

J Clamp Facts

    J Clamp for Incotinence in Men
  1. The J Clamp does not have to be removed to urinate.

  2. The J Clamp will easily fit through the zipper opening of your pants so they do not have to be pulled down to urinate.

  3. The J Clamp is very economical because it does not have to be replaced periodically like other clamps that have porous cushions.

  4. The J Clamp does not require a lot of dexterity because it has an adjustable handle which moves clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to loosen.

  5. The J Clamp compresses the urethra without compressing the whole penis.

  6. The J Clamp is easier to maintain than other clamps. Just wash, dry and place back in position immediately.

  7. The inventor wears the J Clamp 20+ hours a day. Please contact your Doctor to determine how many hours you should wear the J Clamp per day.

  8. When urinating in a public bathroom, you can use the urinals without anyone knowing you are using the device.

  9. For most people the J Clamp is extremely comfortable to wear.

  10. The J Clamp will not deform the penis in any way or cause any discoloration.

  11. The J Clamp is very small and unnoticeable.

  12. The J Clamp can be used while living an active lifestyle such as golfing, bike riding and even swimming.

  13. When swimming with the J Clamp it is advised to tighten the device to accommodate shrinkage that may occur.

  14. The J Clamp has 7 adjustable sizes that will fit a penis with circumferences between 2 and 4.5 inches.

  15. If you are from the United States the J Clamp weighs only .95 ounces or 1/16th of a pound. If you are from just about anywhere else the J Clamp weighs only 26 grams.

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Male Incontinence Solutions

If you are suffering from male incontinence due to prostate cancer, disease, head or spinal cord injury then the J Clamp may be the perfect solution for you. If you want to continue your active lifestyle of swimming, running, golfing, biking or any other sport, then give the J Clamp a try to control urinary leaking and loss of bladder control.

If you suffer from light to moderate incontinence and have grown tired of the cost and lack of sanitation from diapers and pads, then the Male Urine Guard is a sanitary, affordable alternative.
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